alternative & natural building methods 

Green and 
Natural Building,
Adobe.  CEB-Cinva Ram Block Press,
Cob, Light straw, Lime plasters, Log, Papercrete, Pole, rammed earth,
Rub-R-Slate,  Rocket Stoves, Straw, Wood Chip Clay 
and more....... 
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           Inventor Mike McCain and his  
        "jumbo"cast papercrete block.  
          Mike also built ''gang forms' to
          create many  large wall panels at
          one time. 

Home of  Papercrete & Taylor Publishing

circa 1999 is the original home* of Everything Papercrete! Plus Alternative Building Books & CD Resource Guides, and FREE information on building with papercrete, cob, earth, lime, straw bale, cordwood,  rammed earth and much more.

THIRTEEN YEARS LATER....Papercrete building is going strong with many educational YouTube video clips,  an active chat group ( the site which offers up-to-the-moment information. 
    * was created in 1999 to get the word out about this 'super-cheap' new DIY building material.
Papercrete experimentor Ben easily holds up two insulating  papercrete blocks-- each weigh less than 10 pounds.

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Because the Web changes instantly many  useful reports,  links, booklets, images disappear, sites go away, links change,  so over the last 15 years I have saved and sorted the best information for these Resource Guides.  For $10 average cost, each  ONLINE FOLDER is filled with 3,000+ pages,  including many, many resources, all by topic of interest!  And there are now many  new educational sites which offer complete books for you to read. Plus articles, color images, websites, links, and hard to find files and data.  You get an extensive Building  Library in an easy access online site at DROPBOX.! (a program that  lets you open and read all the files.)

Photo: Sean Sands'  unique earth sheltered papercrete and glass bottle dome shelter.